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About Taylor Perry Consulting

Taylor Perry Consulting launched on April 1st 2021, as a continued service of C N Taylor Consulting. Founded in 2003 by Cherry Taylor and Melanie Priscott, C N Taylor Consulting provided personalised service with coverage tailored to meet individual needs. Becoming a part of the team in 2020, Becca Perry enabled the creation of Taylor Perry Consulting – an extension of the same excellent service offered by their predecessors.

Our priority is building relationships with clients and offering streamlined services from placing cover to lodging claims. We believe in working closely one on one with clients for efficient and effective solutions that can be tailored to meet their individual needs. As a dedicated small team, we can provide personalised services tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Why Choose Us To Organise Your Horses Cover

If you are looking for a reliable and professional team to organise your horse’s cover, you have come to the right place. At Taylor Perry Consulting, we understand the importance of protecting your horse from unforeseen accidents, injuries and illness, which is why we offer comprehensive insurance policies. With our experienced team, we can provide you with tailored advice on the best cover for your horse.

Meet The Team

Melanie Priscott

Melanie has always played a key role in C N Taylor Consulting and now Taylor Perry Consulting. She was in partnership with Cherry in the business and has stayed on as a partner since Becca has come on board.

Melanie has extensive experience in the equine insurance industry, working at both Logans and Jardines before C N Taylor. Horses have always been in Melanie’s blood, with her father, Robert Priscott, a trainer. She has practical experience in the industry, from travelling with horses around Australia and New Zealand to doing a stint in America. Melanie is the main name you will see behind most of our communications, and she is such an asset to our team.

Becca Perry

Becca came into C N Taylor in 2020 after the opportunity arose once she began to work alongside her father – bloodstock agent Bruce Perry.

Cherry approached Becca to come on board with the idea that she would buy Cherry’s shares. So on the 1st of April 2021, Taylor Perry Consulting was launched, and Becca bought into the business. Becca has grown up around the industry, with both sets of grandparents running their stud farms. From a young age, she has spent time at the sales, around farms and at the races with Bruce.

With a true passion and love for the horse, she now loves spending time working in the Equine insurance industry and still working alongside her dad as a Bloodstock Agent.

Cherry Taylor

Cherry is the backbone of Taylor Perry. Starting C N Taylor Consulting in 2003, Cherry has built the most fantastic client base and well-respected business. She first began her career in insurance working in the Fire and General sector, but with her father, Cliff Goss, being a horse trainer, it was a natural progression to move onto Bloodstock Insurance.

In 1995 Cherry became the Asia/Pacific Manager and Director of Jardines. Cherry realised there was a market gap and established C N Taylor Consulting to provide personalised plans to elite clients.

Cherry is still very much involved and a giant sounding board to Becca and Melanie. She is now spending more time at the family farm Trelawney Stud and enjoying not being in the office every day.